Tillman and Associates, Inc. is the South Texas regional sales representative for Ruffneck, Trion, Steril-Aire, Envirco, Modine Heatcraft Coils, Tillman Equipment Company, Modine Atherion 100% OA Units, Modular Framing Systems, Industrial Commercial Equipment (ICE), Airedale, Mafna Air Technologies, and Blender Products. The combined HVAC product offerings from these great companies allow us meet our client’s needs for a variety of industries throughout South Texas. Our sales team can provide explosion proof and non-explosion proof heaters, explosion proof air conditioning, HEPA filtration units, Ultraviolet (UVC) lights, and custom built AHU solutions. Whether you need HVAC Products for hospital, pharmaceutical, food prep, petroleum, or educational environments, Tillman and Associates has it covered for all of your South Texas HVAC Product needs.

Companies Represented

AIREDALE–Classroom Through the Wall Air Conditioning Units *** Direct Replacement Units *** Vertical Inside the Room *** Corner Units. www.airedaleusa.com

BLENDER PRODUCTS, INC.–Air Blender Units and Mixing Box Modules *** Process Gas Mixers *** Spark Suppressors for Dust Collection Equipment. www.airblender.com   

ENVIRCO— MAC 10 Fan Powered HEPA Filter Units Laminar Flow Benches *** Laminar Downflow Units *** Portable Process Isolation Modules *** Terminal HEPA Filters *** Bio-Hazardous Cabinets. www.envirco.com

HEATCRAFT BY MODINE – Commercial and Industrial Replacement Cooling, Heating and Condenser Coils for any brand of unit. www.coilcalc.com

INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT—Commercial and Industrial Heating Units *** Direct Fired Makeup Air Units *** Indirect Gas Fired Tubular Makeup Air Units *** Large Space Gas Heating Air Turnover Units. www.ice-us.com

MAFNA AIR TECHNOLOGIES—Custom Air Handling Units***Sound Sensitive Units***4” Double Wall***Thermal Break***Explosion Proof Capabilities. www.mafna.com

MODINE ATHERION UNITS—100% Dedicated Outside Air Package Rooftop Units in Sizes 7-60 Tons. www.modinehvac.com/atherion

RUFFNECK, INC–Unit Heaters, Explosion Proof and Standard *** Electric Type Explosion Proof Unit Heaters *** Industrial Grade Glycol, Steam and Hot Water Type Unit Heaters *** Explosion Proof  Thermostats *** Marine Duty and Wash Down Electric Heaters.  Heaters are UL, CSA, CE and ATEX, UL Marine for U.S. Coast Guard Regulations.  www.ruffneck.com

STERIL-AIRE–Ultraviolet disinfectant emitters for air conditioning unit and duct microbial control. www.steril-aire.com

TILLMAN EQUIPMENT COMPANY or TECO–Hospital and Clinic, Source Capture HEPA / UVC Filtration Units  www.tillmanandassociates.com

TRION, INC.–Electronic Air Cleaners *** Kitchen Hood Exhaust Systems *** Industrial Mist Precipitators ***Source Capture for Welding Fumes and Oil Misting. www.trioniaq.com

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