Companies Represented

 Airedale AIREDALE–Classroom Through the Wall Air Conditioning Units *** Direct Replacement Units *** Vertical Inside the Room *** Corner Units.
 Blender Products Logo BLENDER PRODUCTS, INC.–Air Blender Units and Mixing Box Modules *** Process Gas Mixers *** Spark Suppressors for Dust Collection Equipment.
 Commercial Acoustics Logo COMMERCIAL ACOUSTICS–Sound Attenuators *** Acoustical Louvers *** Duct Silencers *** Acoustical Panels & Enclosures *** Transfer Air Acoustical Ducts.
 envirco_logo2 ENVIRCO–MAC 10 Fan Powered HEPA Filter Units Laminar Flow Benches *** Laminar Downflow Units *** Portable Process Isolation Modules *** Terminal HEPA Filters *** Bio-Hazardous Cabinets.
 ice-us-Logo INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT–Commercial and Industrial Heating Units *** Direct Fired Makeup Air Units *** Indirect Gas Fired Tubular Makeup Air Units *** Large Space Gas Heating Air Turnover Units.
 Ruffneck-Logo RUFFNECK, INC–Unit Heaters, Explosion Proof and Standard *** Electric Type Explosion Proof Unit Heaters *** Industrial Grade Glycol, Steam and Hot Water Type Unit Heaters *** Explosion Proof Thermostats *** Marine Duty and Wash Down Electric Heaters. Heaters are UL, CSA, CE and ATEX, UL Marine for U.S. Coast Guard
Seasons4 Logo SEASONS-4–Packaged Roof Top Units *** Direct Replacement Multi-zone Units *** Makeup Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled.
 steril_aire_logo STERIL-AIRE–Ultraviolet disinfectant emitters for air conditioning unit and duct microbial control.
 Tillman Equipment Company (TECO) TILLMAN EQUIPMENT COMPANY or TECO–Custom Air Handling Units *** Knock Down Units for Direct Replacement *** Hospital and Clinic, Source Capture HEPA / UVC Filtration Units *** Energy Efficient Mission Critical Cooling Units.
 TrionLogo TRION, INC.–Electronic Air Cleaners *** Kitchen Hood Exhaust Systems *** Industrial Mist Precipitators *** Source Capture for Welding Fumes and Oil Misting.
 AHR2014 Logo MODULAR FRAMING SYSTEMS, INC. –Aluminum framing system and hardware components for the manufacture of HVAC units *** Aluminum Dampers, Louvers, and Flexible connections.