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Modular Framing Systems, Inc. has served as the sole distributor for its uniquely designed aluminum framing system throughout North America for over 15 years. What started as a system of die cast corners and their corresponding aluminum profiles has now grown into a complete and ever expanding product offering of components and accessories for the manufacture of air handling units, fan coil units, computer room units, acoustical enclosures, soft wall clean spaces, equipment housings, and much more.

Saving money is always at the top of our list of goals as business professionals, especially in today’s economy. Our light-weight, long lasting aluminum framing system helps achieve this through a combination of benefits. The system is assembled with no welding required. The corners and perimeter profiles pressure fit together eliminating the cost and inconsistencies of welding.

The same method of assembly applies to any size frame. Profiles and Omega intermediate supports can be cut to size facilitating full dimensional flexibility matched with quick and accurate assembly. The concept with this system is to standardize the assembly method which allows manufacturers to reduce labor, reduce lead times, enhance product offerings, and save money along the way.

Historically our products have been used to compliment and improve upon the expertise set forth by our customers. No large capital outlay or complex tooling is necessary to manipulate our material. Our  products allow customers to easily expand their product lines and provide a variety of retrofit & field  installed units.